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Enjoy Rakuhoku area of Kyoto

No train is delaying over 30 minutes.

About Eizan Railway

Eizan Railway has two lines in the northern part of Kyoto called “Rakuhoku”.

Our starting point is Demachiyanagi station near Kyoto Imperial Palace and Shimogamo-jinja shrine.
From Demachiyanagi station, trains on both lines head north to the Takaragaike station, where the lines split into two directions. One line goes eastward to Yase-Hieizanguchi station, and the other line goes westward to Kibuneguchi and Kurama stations.

Along the westward line, there are a number of shrines and temples with a long history and long-established traditions, such as Kifune-jinja shrine and Kurama-dera temple. The area also has distinctive attractions for each season. Refreshing green leaves in spring, exquisite meals served on the platform built over the cool water in summer, stunning autumn foliage, and snowy scenery in winter.

For the Kurama Line to Kibuneguchi and Kurama stations, we have a special scenic train called “KIRARA”. It features large windows through which passengers can enjoy a wide view of the scenery during all seasons.
For the Eizan Line to Yase-Hieizanguchi station, we have a special train called “HIEI”.

About Eizan Railway



Access from Kansai International Airport

Access from Kansai Airport

Access from Major Stations

Access from Major Stations

Tourist spots along
the Eizan Railway

Tourist spots along the Eizan Railway
Tourist spots along the Eizan Railway



Kurama-dera Temple

Kurama-dera Temple



Kifune-jinja Shrine

Kifune-jinja Shrine

Garden Museum Hiei
(Closed in winter)

Garden Museum Hiei

Hieizan Enryaku-ji Temple

Hieizan Enryaku-ji Temple

Maple Tree Tunnel

After 20 minutes train ride from Demachiyanagi station, the trains reach to the part between Ichihara station and Ninose station, called “Maple Tree Tunnel”, where the passengers can enjoy amazing maple leaves on both sides of the train track through the large windows from inside. During this stretch of 250 meters between the two stations, there are as many as 280 maple trees, showcasing their refreshing green leaves in summer, and colored leaves in autumn.

  • Blue maple
  • Autumn maple
  • Winter maple
Maple Tree Tunnel map

Sightseeing Train

Panorama Train “KIRARA”
Route: Demachiyanagi ~ Kibuneguchi, Kurama

Panorama Train “KIRARA”
Route: Demachiyanagi ~ Yase-Hieizanguchi

Route Map / Value Tickets /
Fare / Timetable

Route Map

Railway Map
Eizan Line

The Eizan Line is a 5.6 km long railway that runs from Demachiyanagi Station to Yase-Hieizanguchi Station. It starts at Demachiyanagi Station and passes through popular sightseeing areas like Ichijoji and Shugakuin, finally reaching Yase-Hieizanguchi Station, which is located along the Takano River.
From Yase-Hieizanguchi Station, passengers can take a Eizan cable car and ropeway to the top of Mt.Hiei.(Note: The Eizan cable car and ropeway do not operate in winter.)There is also a bus service to the Ohara area from Yase-Hieizanguchi Station.

Kurama Line

The Kurama Line is an 8.8 km long railway that runs from Takaragaike Station to Kurama Station. Almost all trains on this line begin their journey at Demachiyanagi Station and head directly to the Kurama Line via Takaragaike Station.
Riding the train on this line offers passengers a variety of views, from expansive countryside fields to mountainous landscapes with steep slopes and curves.

Value Tickets

One-day Pass
Ee Kippu(Eizan Railway 1-day Ticket)
One-day Pass

This 1-day pass, the “Ee Kippu,” is a perfect choice for passengers who want to fully enjoy the many popular tourist attractions along the Eizan Railway. This ticket enables passengers to get on and get off at any station as many as one likes on the day. Another feature of this ticket is that by showing this ticket, the passengers are able to get discounts or small gifts at some shrines, temples and many other spots.

Adult(aged 12years or older): 1,200yen
Child(aged 6 to 11years): 600yen

<Locations to purchase>
Demachiyanagi station, Shugakuin station(office), and Kurama station(9:40~16:30)

<Sales period>
Throughout the year

<The term of validity>
Any 1-day from the day you purchase the ticket to the end of next month.

<Covered area>
All lines of Eizan Railway(Eizan Line and Kurama Line)
Not valid for Eizan cable car and ropeway.


Demachiyanagi Sta. → Ichijoji Sta., Shugakuin Sta.
(Adult: 220 yen  Child: 110 yen)
Demachiyanagi Sta. → Yase-Hieizanguchi Sta.
(Adult: 280 yen  Child: 170 yen)
Demachiyanagi Sta. → Kibuneguchi Sta., Kurama Sta.
(Adult: 470 yen  Child: 240 yen)

JAPAN RAIL PASS cannot be used for Eizan Railway.

How to board the trains of Eizan Railway

Eizan Railway runs on the driver-only operation(Conductorless Train).
Please see the chart below showing how to board the trains. The passengers’ cooperation is highly appreciated.

From Demachiyanagi station
How to board the trains from Demachiyanagi station

Please purchase a ticket from ticket vending machine at the station and pass the automatic ticket gate to board the train.

Demachiyanagi station
Ticket Vending Machine
Please purchase a ticket to your destination. You cannot purchase special value tickets or charge your IC card with this ticket vending machine. For special value tickets, please go to the information counter. IC card charge machine is installed inside the ticket gates. Please ask the staff on the details.
Information Counter
At this information counter, you can purchase various kinds of special value tickets.
Train Departure Board
Please check the departure time and platform number of your train.
Ticket Gates
After passing the ticket gates, you will find three platforms, No.1, No.2, and No.3.
Most trains for Yase-Hieizanguchi depart from the track No.1.
Most trains for Kibuneguchi and Kurama depart from the track No.2 and No.3.
Please check the destination notice of the train carefully since some trains stop on the way, without going to the final stop.

How to exit from Demachiyanagi station

Please bring your ticket or fare to the ticket gate.

Demachiyanagi station
From the other stations than Demachiyanagi
How to board the trains from the other stations than Demachiyanagi
  • If you have an IC card, please touch the “IC Card Reader” with your card before boarding.
    If you don’t have an IC card, please take the “Proof of Boarding Ticket” at the station.
  • Some stations have a ticket vending machine, where you can purchase your ticket.
  • You board a train from the rear door of the car. If the train has two cars, you will enter from the rear door of a front car.
    Please wait at the “Boarding Point” signage on a platform.
    You could enter a train from the front door, but please note that you should wait until all the passengers getting off the train get off first.
How to get off the trains at the other stations than Demachiyanagi
  • Please exit from front door of the train. If train has two cars, please get off from the front door of a front car.
  • Please put your ticket,or fare in the “Fare Box” beside the driver. If you have an IC card, please touch the “IC Card Reader” with your card. If you have a commuter pass, please show it to the driver.
  • When trains or stations are crowded with many passengers, it will be announced that the staff will be collecting the tickets, “Proof of Boarding Ticket” and fare at the station to make the flow of passengers smooth. Please exit from any door nearby when you get off the train.